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Nutri Bullet Blender -v- Nutri Ninja Blender

The Nutri Ninja BL450UK is the main rival to the massively popular Nutri Bullet Blender 600, but according to the latest Which test is a better machine: scoring 85% against the Nutribullet’s 79%, which put it at the top of their Best Buy list.  It proved great at making smoothies and soup and was very easy to use.  It was also great at crushing ice, which the Nutri Bullet Blender didn’t do so well at.   All-in-all, it was described as “an outstanding blender that’s easy to use, easy to clean and produces great smoothies, soups and more.”

I have no doubt as to the health and weight-loss benefits of these machines: Both myself, my sister and one of my daughters-in-law were able to effortlessly loss weight by switching one meal most days for a vegetable smoothly made with a Nutri Bullet Blender type machine.  I personally easily stripped off over a kilo in under seven weeks.

Nutri Ninja Blender  has a 900W motor (which makes it half again as powerful as the Nutribullet), one speed setting and no buttons. It has two cups (650ml and 500ml) and two sip-and-seal lids.

It proved great at pretty much everything the Which team threw at it.   Nutri Ninja Blender makes great smoothies and pesto, and does it quickly.  It blended soup well.  This blender was also better than most at crushing ice, probably thanks to its more powerful motor.

Should you buy it?

Yes. It’s a great little blender that’s easy to use and did well at absolutely everything that was asked of it – including crushing ice – and is usually a tad less expensive than the more popular Nutri Bullet Blender.

or you could upgrade to the latest model, the 480, for just a couple of extra quid

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