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If you’ve ever dreamt about starting your own on-line business, but have no idea where to begin, then Copy This Idea by Andrew Reynolds, is definitely the book for you.  Written in easy to understand language, Copy This Idea reveals the simple concept that he used to escape his 9-5 existence and go on to make over £50 million from his spare room.  The book is intended as a kick start to show you an alternative way of making money, that isn’t based on daft get-rich-quick scams, but on actual proven results.  The author, Andrew Reynolds, is inspiring, yet, as he would be the first to tell you, he is nothing special and really just an ordinary guy who used a simple idea that he was shown by others to escape his 9-5 existence.

Who Is Andrew Reynolds?

Born and raised in a one bedroom caravan by parents who remained broke most of their lives, Andrew left school with just 4 GCSE’s which included woodwork and drawing.  He was just an ordinary guy, who stumbled on a great way for someone without any business knowledge or experience, to make money from home.  And that’s exactly what he went on to do.  He quit his job, applied  the simple business idea that he stumbled across, and went on to make over £50 million from his spare room.  As he himself is the first to admit.  He is no expert in the world of business and accounts.  But what he did understand was this: If you buy something for £5 and sell it for £50, or buy something else for £50 and sell it for almost £2000, Then there’s a nice chunky profit to made.  And in the Copy this Idea book, he shows you the money making system that he uses – and how you can copy what he does to start making the same sort of profit margins.

Copy This Idea Book- What’s Covered In The Book?

Here are just 10 of the nuggets that Andrew Reynolds reveals in his Copy This Idea Book

  1. What a sales funnel is and how to create a sales funnel

  2. How to buy low and sell high e.g. you buy something for £5 and sell it for £50.

  3. How to apply exactly the same principle again but this time you sell the product for a higher amount and make even more profit e.g. you buy something for say £50 and sell it for £2000.

  4. Same method…  higher profits.

  5. How to find a hungry crowd eager for your product.

  6. Copy This Idea teaches you how to find what people actually want to buy.

  7. The 10 best “what to sell items” to make money.

  8. Dating, gambling and senior  citizens, just 3 of the 10 “hottest” searches that are covered within the book.

  9. Where to get ready-made products to sell as your own product.

  10. Haven’t got/ or can’t be bothered to create your own product to sell.  Copy This Idea book and Andrew Reynolds will share with you where to get ready made products to sell.

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