Fridge-Freezer (Which Best Buy)| The freestanding Samsung RB31FERNBSS

Which Describe This as One of the Best fridge-freezers They’ve Seen


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The freestanding Samsung RB31FERNBSS frost-free fridge-freezer has some great storage features, including a nifty sliding shelf and a dedicated chill compartment which you can set to 0°C to help preserve meat and fish. It also has an A+++ energy label so it should work out easy on your energy bills.   The Which describes it is one of the best fridge-freezers they’ve seen, being s outstanding at chilling and freezing food, and running cost where minimal.  Plus, its extra features and storage solutions make it simple to use and easy to manage your households’ groceries.

What is it?

A fridge-freezer with some excellent cooling features. It has separate digital fridge and freezer thermostats to help set more accurate temperatures in each compartment; a fast-freeze function which gives a boost of power for freezing fresh food quickly; and, of course, an alarm to warn you if the temperature rises or you’ve inadvertently left either door ajar.

Inside the fridge you’ll find three shelves for storing groceries and a salad crisper drawer for all of your fruit and veg. One of the shelves slides out, allowing you easy access to items stored at the back. There’s a removable rack for stowing bottles, keeping them from rolling around on the shelves and taking up premium shelf-space. And the separate chill compartment offers the perfect place for keeping meat and fish chilled at lower temperatures than the rest of the fridge compartment, which should help keep these perishable items fresher for longer.

What’s it great at?

When it comes to chilling and freezing food, this fridge-freezer is first class. It’s super-speedy at chilling, taking less than 12 hours to cool fresh food down to the recommended 5°C. This is quicker than most fridge-freezers and should help keep your groceries fresher for longer.

The freezer can freeze 23kg of fresh food in 24 hours which is a tremendous amount for its size. While you probably won’t to need to freeze this much at once it means it’s likely to freeze food more quickly than less-powerful models. And the faster food freezes the more nutrients it’ll retain and the fresher it will be when you defrost it.

It keeps food perfectly cooled around the clock, no matter if your kitchen heats up during a heat wave or cools down overnight. And it’s really energy efficient for its size which means its running costs are minimal.

Fridge Freezer

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Is there anything I should watch out for?

Nothing. This is a great fridge-freezer.

Is there anything else I should know?

You can rely on the recommended thermostat settings to get both fridge and freezer running at the perfect temperatures for chilled and frozen food.

Should I buy it?

If you’re looking for a fridge-freezer at this price point then this is the fridge-freezer to buy. Not only is it fantastic at the basics of chilling and freezing food but it’s cheap to run and has some great features.

Pros: Immune to fluctuating room temperatures, accurate thermostats makes it easy to set up, even fridge temperature across the shelves, great chilling speed, can freeze a huge load of fresh food, cheap to run, some great storage features, frost-free

Cons: Fiddly to reverse the door, if you need to do so.  And it doesn’t come in white.  Oh, and the wine rack is a little on the small side.

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